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Here is a collection of questions commonly asked by potential clients

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What does your agency do?

aDigetects is a full service digital marketing and web development agency. We are experts in email & social media marketing as well as development of online web space in ecommerce, CMS and enhancements of platforms and websites.


Our team has many years experience with top vendors in the ESP, CRM and Ecommerce realm and we can provide services to help you navigate and maximize your online presence and grow it.

How much do your services cost?

aAll of our services are billed specific to each project as all projects are not equal nor do they use the same resources and/or technology, features and functions. Our standard billable hourly rate is $150, however, for us it is customary to scope out your project and create an all inclusive proposal that usually is much more cost efficient and provide a larger cost break vs. doing it a la carte. We are more than happy to outline your project and give you a quote with a detailed breakdown.

How long does it take to make a design?

aEach project has its own timeline, we can only give an estimate of timing once we have discussed your project. There are many factors that drive the timelines which includes receiving detailed scope, we have all the required assets & access, client’s responsiveness and decision making, testing, modifications and of course any unforeseen conflicts that may occur between a clients infrastructure and any new implementation.

What does the design process look like?

aThe first step is “Discovery” where we review and assess your business requirements and your current state of operations. This is where we may request detailed information of your infrastructure, platforms, technologies and processes that you currently use. After the “Discovery”, we will go into the “Scoping” phase where we make our recommendations that may involve modifying any of your current configurations to achieve your business needs. We will review this with you and breakdown each component. After this is approved, we will go into the development phase where we will implement all of the scoped items, then it will go into UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and once approved we will push it into your production environment.

Where are your offices?

aOur main office is located in the Los Angeles area (Santa Monica) and we have field locations in Atlanta, GA and New York City. We operate nationwide and are able to video conference, screen share and communicate on a variety of platforms to review work and conduct meetings.

Where can I see your work?

aOur work and portfolio can be seen on our website. Please note that this is only a fraction of our work. Many of our agreements with clients doesn’t allow us to share our work with the general public and many are ongoing projects that are bound to specific confidentiality agreements. However, we can discuss our involvement with you, should have any questions or would like for us to share some additional information pertaining to your project.

What does ``Full Service`` mean?

aFull service means that we can take over your current digital marketing process and manage the entire operation from start to finish. We can operate like your own digital marketing and/or web development department depending on the service level you choose.


Many small businesses do not have the resources to hire their own developers or digital marketing team full time and being able to find the proper talent to execute in a manner that will provide the milestones needed. At Digetects, we have years of experience working with small businesses and enterprise organizations and driving their digital marketing and development needs along with 3rd party platforms reducing your development to market process.

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